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About us

AKAtech SA is a Swiss company founded in 1995 and headquartered in Ecublens (VD) starting its activities in the postal market manufacturing vision solutions for letters.

After ten years of experience in image acquisition and processing, we expanded our activities among multiple industries such as Watchmakers, Pharmaceutical, MedTech, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Packaging & Logistics, Electronic & Semiconductor. Since 2006, AKAtech is an official Cognex Partner System Integrator (PSI) offering us the opportunity to jointly work with the world’s leading provider of vision hardware and software. Constantly looking for new technology, we started few years ago integrating deep learning algorithm from the company Vidi that is today fully part of the Cognex vision suite.

Today, from Ecublens we supply customers in Europe and all over the world from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational groups. Thanks to our deep internal competencies in image processing, software development, automation and mechanical engineering, we are able to meet all specific customer requirements in providing dedicated solutions. We propose and deliver best-in class solutions developed on cross-technology functionalities such as smart cameras, computer based vision systems and a wide range of optical sensors combining them with the latest vision algorithms and software platform.

You have a specific need to improve your factory processes or you are a machine manufacturer requiring the integration of vision inspection for quality control or assembly validation, our extensive expertise and professional team will support your company in the development of your projects.